How long is the school year?

Our annual season begins in September and ends with our recital in June.

We also offer summer classes! For more information about our summer programs, click the "Summer" tab at the top of this page. 

We do not hold classes during the month of July because we encourage our advanced dancers to audition for summer intensive programs around the country. For a complete list of preferred schools, please stop by the office.  

Do you have a recital?

Absolutely! The Ballet Class stages our annual recital at the Rye Country Day School's Performing Arts Center in June.  Our recital features story-driven choreography created by our founder Lynne Stetson set to baroque, classical and twentieth-century orchestral works that is inspired by her time dancing at the New York City Ballet under George Balanchine. We also create original pieces that are tailored to the individual abilities and talents of our students.

What is the commitment to participate in the recital?

Our Pre-Ballet, Ballet I and Ballet II levels rehearse for the recital during their normally scheduled class time.

However, we believe that as dancers progress recital preparation must not detract from ballet pedagogy. Ballet schools that rehearse recital performances during normally scheduled class times create dancers that can only dance their recital part. At The Ballet Class, we focus on technique and advancement and we create versatile, strong dancers that can go on to study at any top program. Therefore, once a dancer reaches our Ballet III level, we no longer rehearse our recital performance during normally scheduled class times. Instead, we hold Sunday rehearsals that begin in February and continue until our performance in June. Not every dancer is called to every Sunday rehearsal, but if you choose to participate in our recital your dancer should be generally available on Sundays from February through June. Your dancer will receive their assigned Sundays in January. If a dancer misses more than three assigned Sunday rehearsals they will be unable to perform in the recital.

You don’t need to decide whether your dancer can participate in the recital upon enrollment. You will be asked whether your dancer would like to participate in the recital in late November. Participation in our recital is optional, but over 95% of our students do participate.

We charge a fee of between $100 and $200 to participate in our recital. This fee will be added to your second tuition installment that is due on December 1st. This fee covers our cost of staging the recital as well as your dancer’s costume rental. Costumes are returned to The Ballet Class after the recital.

How is tuition handled?

Our annual tuition is paid in two installments (60% is due upon enrollment and the remaining 40% is due on December 1st). We accept credit card payments through our secure online system. Please email us at for more information. We offer a sibling discount of 5% for families with multiple students. *Tuition is non-refundable.* 

Please see the "Levels" page for tuition pricing.

What should I wear to class?

For information about our Required Uniforms, please see the "Levels" page.  Please see the "Policies" page for information on general ballet attire.

Do I have to wear my hair in a bun?

Absolutely! Fastening hair in a secure bun is an important part of the beauty and discipline of ballet. A secure bun gives the student freedom to concentrate on her technique instead of fussing with her hair. 

When do ballet students start en pointe?

Students start pointe by invitation from the director only in Level A2. There is no specific age for starting pointe. In determining pointe readiness, each student is evaluated by her length of study, weekly attendance, muscular strength, and anatomical makeup of the foot.  

What is your policy on attendance and tardiness?

In order for all of our students to excel in ballet, we ask that students adhere to our recommended minimum classes and should make-up any missed classes in a prompt fashion. Each level’s minimum requirements have been carefully thought out by our experienced faculty to help facilitate balletic knowledge, growth and confidence.

It is important to be on time in life and it is the same here at The Ballet Class. Students should arrive ten minutes before class begins to stretch and warm-up. Arriving after class starts is disruptive to the teacher and the other students. Any child who arrives more than 10 minutes late will need to report to the office before entering the studio.  Dancers who arrive late may be asked to sit and watch class. 

Do you hold classes for boys?

Yes! Boys and girls begin ballet in the same class. However, boys require separate training in the advanced levels due to the need for specialized strength and partnering training.

Can my child take extra ballet classes per week?

Absolutely! We love when dancers are excited about ballet and want to take more classes! Contact Miss Ashlee to ask about adding classes to your child's schedule!

Will my child move up a level each year?

Not necessarily. After Ballet II, we begin to move away from age based classes and place students in levels based on merit. It can sometimes be difficult to advance and may take a year or two to do so. Hard work and dedication is a must!!

When determining whether to advance a child from year to year our teachers evaluate a few things:

1) Is the child focused during class?

2) Does the child have good attendance?

3) Have they understood and executed the curriculum presented to them in class?

Many dancers need more time in certain levels and it can be a fantastic thing to have more time!